My friend and I started working out with Tai once a week and found it hard but very enjoyable. Tai’s focus is not just on the work out but what you do in the rest of your life too; she supports you with nutritional information and encourages you to make good choices! It has made a huge difference to my body and well being. We now do her boot camp too! I can’t recommend her enough! She is motivating, fun and best of all she gets results!
Ruth Strauss (wife of ex English cricket captain)

I signed up for some personal training sessions with Tai because I felt I needed some help and guidance in getting fit and toning up. I was also recovering from a knee injury and wanted specialist on training, without doing further injury. I?ve always found it hard to commit to the gym on my own, so having some fixed sessions was the motivator I needed. Tai is very strict and every session is very hard, but it?s the best thing I?ve ever done. She is motivated, keeps each session different and has got me doing things I never thought I was capable of! I am definitely noticing the difference in my shape and I feel like I have far more energy these days. Tai has also got me thinking about my diet and keeps me updated with nutritional tips. I would highly recommend Tai to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Natalie Ghafoor

On recommendation I approached Tai for a 6-week personal training course with a view to improving my running times and general fitness, as well as losing weight.
Tai?s course was fairly rigorous and, unbeknown to me, was to include a structured food plan. This was not only a great way to compliment the exercise but to me it was immensely interesting since it opened up a myriad of different food and drink options which I would otherwise have not considered.
Tai was always punctual, she was fun to work with, and afterwards was always in the background by text and email, encouraging and reminding!! What?s more, the results spoke for themselves; I?ve lost both pounds and inches, and have since ran personal bests over 5 miles, 10k and half-marathon.
Tai?s exercise and nutritional knowledge is exceptional, and I would happily recommend her to anyone serious about their fitness.
David Handcock Architect

I would definately recommend Tai total fitness boot camp to anyone who is looking to lose weight and generally get fitter. It suits any fitness level and age. I am always so motivated from her classes and I can really feel the benefit. Her inspirational emails through the week really help me to stay on track!!
Shani Mullane

Having spent some months trying to get fit on my own without much success, a colleague recommended that I try Tai as a Personal Trainer. It is the best thing I have done since my kidney transplant a couple of years ago. You have managed with ‘baby steps’ to encourage me alot in a positive direction and when I finish my course with you I feel I will be equipped to carry on successfully with the exercises you have taught me. Many thanks!
Sarah Max

Tai is a highly motivational and sympathetic trainer and gets the best out
of all levels and ages. Her boot camp classes are a pleasure and I always leave feeling on a high.
Judith Diment

Tai Total Fitness boot camp is an excellent way to get back into regular exercise, or achieve higher personal fitness levels. The group is intimate and extremely motivating and friendly. Tai knows exactly how to pitch her sessions and how to get the most out of you. It’s addictive and an hour of escape from the rest of you life! Give it a go, you’ll love it!
Sarah Brodie

I really loved the session on Thursday and Jacqui and I have done a couple of three mile runs since so we are still moving! I was stiff on Friday but I think I just started to use new muscles! Really looking forward to boot camp on Thursday.
Claire Hornick

I started training with Tai in the run up to my wedding, with the ambitious goals of losing weight and toning up whilst becoming stronger and fitter- all needing to fit around a full time job with a long commute and little flexibility in which I can train. None of this was a problem for Tai. I am now 4 weeks away from the big day, have lost weight and some serious inches whilst gaining a much better (healthier!) understanding to diet and fitness. Tai?s cheery, encouraging manner coupled with the variety of exercise we use means I not only have a new and improved body but have thoroughly enjoyed getting it! Post wedding I totally intend to keep training with Tai ? and would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone.
Clare Holloway

I?ve been training with Tai now for nearly 5 months and am so pleased with the progress I?ve made. My goal was to get fitter, tone up and lose some of that post-baby fat I?ve been carrying around for the last 7 years. And I have achieved all 3! Seeing Tai every week has given me the motivation to keep going to the gym and not make a million excuses why I can?t go. My energy levels are higher, I?m sleeping much better and I?ve even dropped a dress size, which I never expected. I?d definitely recommend Tai ? she makes training fun and personal and she adds plenty of variety so there?s no chance of getting bored.
Suzanne Copeman

I was interested in having a personal trainer to get on the right path with a personalised training programme. I wanted to get stronger, improve my stamina and core strength. Through Tai’s encouraging, motivational and educational style I was able to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend her!
Dr Shiela Chauhan

My husband suggested that he would pay for me to have a few sessions with Tai as she knew I was struggling mentally as well as physically with not being able to fit into many of my clothes and my self esteem was low.
I started training with Tai and after 6 weeks I have lost weight and, more importantly, inches. This has enabled me to wear half the wardrobe I haven’t been able to wear for at least a year!
Tai is extremely motivational during our sessions together and uses a wide variety of different exercises so I don’t get bored. She encourages me on the days in between sessions, giving me a structured exercise plan and checking on my progress throughout the week.
It has been a wholeheartedly great experience and my husband says he is just pleased to see me smile again! Thanks Tai for all your help. I would definitely recommend Tai to anyone who needs to get back on track.
Amanda Hall

When I met Tai 6 months ago I was 49 and a half years old, dress size 12-14 and approaching 10 stone – thanks to a recent fortnight in Orlando!! Drastic action was needed. From the start, our home sessions were inspirational and I was always amazed how much opportunity there was for excercising in my own home! Six months later, I am now aged 50 (but feel strangely liberated by my half-century achievement), dress size 10 and around 9 stone, although I rarely bother to weigh myself now. Most importantly I feel fitter and more energised than at any other time in my life and row 5.5-6km every other day as well as cycle and swim. My outlook on food and nutrition has changed and is likely to stay focused for the long term. I can highly recommend Tai as a personal trainer!
Sandra Pritlove-Carson. Dental Surgeon

Tai is a very motivated fitness trainer with a great passion for health and wellbeing.
Tai and I started working together on my fitness in the run up to a half marathon I had entered, Tai put together a flexible training plan and motivated me to follow it through helping to improve my overall levels of fitness.
Tai also provided me with some great training routines to follow through in my own time. Her energetic and positive personality along with her knowledge are great motivators and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Adrian Jeffers

I am turning 40 and my job is pretty much sitting in front of a keyboard all day.I needed to reduce my weight and to stay fit. I was so lucky to meet Tai and I decided to ask her to support me via some personal training. Tai is not just a professional and serious trainer but also and above all a great person. When you try to reduce your weight, increase exercises and change your food habits, you are going to fight a big battle. A perfect trainer is somebody asking you to set goals and to respect them but at the same time also a friend trying to encourage you when it’s necessary. Tai is perfect in this role. She recommended how to avoid trashy food, a good plan of exercises, how to avoid being obsessed by the weight scale but also not be too indulgent with myself.She is focused, energetic, highly motivational and able to suggest the exact plan of the exercises for the goals we set at the beginning of the training.
Angelo Ovidi, Software Engineer and?Entrepreneur

My wife and I have been going to Tai’s Bootcamp now for over a year and we both certainly feel the difference. Tai puts everyone through a really good work-out – hard work but enjoyable and rewarding. I say ‘hard work-out’ but because of the age range, she is sympathetic to those who are, let’s say are more age-challenged, and there are always alternative ways to do an exercise or stretch.
If I was a member of a gym I quite possibly wouldn’t be a regular but knowing Tai’s bootcamp is there at the same time each week is a big motivator.
Tai also gives us regular nutritional information as well as lifestyle tips which complement the exercise regime.
Give it a go – it’s well worth it.
Chris Raymond