Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Corporate fitness training for companiesExercise has been shown to:

  • Strengthen the heart
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Increase confidence and self esteem

Our corporate fitness programme, catering to Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, aims to reduce stress levels and improve health and vitality. Fit and healthy employees are more productive and healthier, which means fewer days off due to sickness. Studies show that individuals who exercise are less likely to be off sick than those who don’t exercise. Investing in the health, fitness and wellbeing of your employees will increase morale and motivate individuals to be more positive about work. Incorporating fitness and exercise into your employees’ lives is also a great way to reduce stress.

Don’t feel like going to the gymn after work, want to feel energised for the rest of the day? Then why not exercise in your lunch hour!

Boot Camp for just 30 minutes will help to energise you, increase your heart rate through short bursts of exercise, burn fat, tone your muscles, and increase your stamina and lung capacity. Walking up stairs and becoming breathless will become a thing of the past. Feeling sleepy after lunch will become a thing of the past. We can even make the Boot Camp part of a team building day!

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